Problems with my Liocichla phoenicea


I bought a pair of birds that you like a lot on the forum, Liocichla phoenicea. Unfortunately, they do not seem comfortable in their aviary, and shows no signs of reproduction.

Their aviary is planted, it is 7 meters by 3 meters, they live alone. I give a lot of insects. Yet it seems they are not good, they slow down a lot. They are very frightened when I inks to feed …

Which advice could you give me for this species?

BYE Celine

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  1. Hallo Celine

    Welcome to our little forum.
    I too keep the phoenicea´s, but in a aviary a lot smaller than your´s. Mine too are very shy birds, that “goes crazy” everytime I enter their aviary. I think its just their nature!

    You dont describe your aviary’s design, so I dont know if you have a lot of plants in it or not. My experience is that they don’t thrive if the aviary isn’t very well planted, so that they can seek shelter.

    Please tell a little more about your aviary, maybe it can inspire some of the other guys in this forum to bring some of their experiences to light.


  2. Sounds good with your new birds – they have lots of space. But when did you get them? If they are new, that could be the reason.

    There is nothing wrong with what you do, but just make sure that they have more than enough of live-food, such as mealworms. Just change to better insects when the chicks hatch.

    It can be a shy bird, so you might not see them very often. Where is the aviary situated? Is it close to people or is it quiet?

    Does the male sing in the morning or evening?

    My pair loved to build their nest in a Humulus lupulus when they had a 300 m2 aviary. Now they change place every time.



  3. Hi,

    I answer in french, it’s easier for me, but if you have any problems I will do the translation in English.

    The aviary of the Liocichlas measures 21 square meters, it is planted thick enough 3 Thuyas, 2 Elderberries (DK=Hyld), 1 Rowan sorbus aucuparia(DK=røn). I’ll send pictures to give you an idea. On the
    sides, the walls are transparant, at the front and rear there is a fence. And I think the whole problem comes from there. The birds do not feel safe.

    I therefore placed a screen on the front of the aviary so they are less disturbed by my passage, I saw them almost no more. And I have stopped cutting down the trees outside the aviary, so the birds can feel even more safe.
    I limit my visits to once a day maximum.

    By a miracle it worked, three days after these changes, I saw the couple move twigs into a cedar …

    Bye, Celine
    translated by esbelme

  4. Hej alle,

    Da jeg gjorde ændringer i voliere, de par liocichla phoenicea føles meget bedre.
    De lavede en rede, den første kobling var ikke befrugtede, så jeg fjernede æggene …
    De har genbrugt det samme rede igen til et andet kuld. De to æg befrugtet men de yngler fra juni 2, selvom æggene ikke er klækket …
    Hvad er inkubationstiden af æg liocichla phoenicea?

    Jeg håber, at oversættelsen er god?
    Celine bye

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